Monday, April 21, 2003

Hello all. Sorry about the long hiatus... it's been a holiday, I'm at home, and G-d knows I have too much work to do... this last is mainly because my thesis defense is apparently in one month instead of three. (DAMN those professor sabbaticals!) Iris, if all goes well, I'll have something that looks like a decent draft to show you when we go to Kalamazoo together. Anyway, I had better write the last fifteen pages of the twenty-page Hildegard of Bingen paper today... AAAAHHH!!! and finish my palaeography paper tomorrow, along with whatever PowerPoint work the Hildegard presentation needs... and that leaves Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday to work on the thesis, Friday to give the Hildegard presentation and hand the paper in, Saturday night and Sunday to write the take-home final for Art History that they haven't given us yet, Monday to study palaeography for the final test and work on the thesis and go to class, Tuesday and Wednesday to continue thesis work (and go to class Wednesday night), Thursday to continue thesis work, Friday to hand in the Art History final, Saturday night and Sunday to cram for the palaeography final test, Monday to go to the last palaeography class and take that test, Tuesday to continue working on the thesis and pack, Wednesday to meet Iris in Detroit... five days to relax, enjoy the medievalists' conference in Kalamazoo, show Iris my thesis and read some Georgette Heyer... Monday afternoon the 12th of May I'm back in New York City, and the FINAL draft of the thesis is due on Friday the 16th, with the defense to be held on Monday the 19th. Got all that?

I am taking one course as an incomplete, so I have one less twenty-page paper to write between now and the nineteenth of May, thank G-d. Nevertheless... yeah, that's my life.


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