Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Hello Nuns, message from the nun on the other side of the puddle....

I am so very sorry that you have such a stressful life St. Olga......the life of a grad student is tough. And so many people think I do nothing just because I am student. Sigh. I am in a bit of a stress situation my self. I have to finish my upgrading proposal today, send it to my supervisors, so they can have a last look through it and tell me if I need to change anything, as it must be handed in on the 29th of April. In the mean time, I have to write a paper for my conferene in Denmark in the beginingof May and send that to the Institute in Denmark and attend a three day conference here in London. Basicly, I am going home on the 30th of April and before that I need to have handed in my proposal, written the paper and gone to the conference. And once I get to Denmark I need to have meetings with my Danish supervisor and I need to read a bunch of books on the Czech Republic and the EU, as I have been assign the job to comment on some Danish grad student's paper on the relationship between the Czech Republic and the EU. They seemed to think that I'd know a lot about the subject, but frankly, I know nothing.Sigh. But really, Sister Andrea, you should hire someone to cook, clean and brew you cups of coffee and tea in the next couple of weeks.It would only be fair.

As for your healthy instruction Mother Superior, they have served to make me feel really guilty....I have not been to the gym in a month! I feel terrible and imagine bumps and bulk when I look in the mirror However odd it may sound, i do feel the difference and want to get back. But as my life works right now, i am always away travelling, or too busy or else the gym closes for easter, so a gym memebership doesn't pay. Oh, well, after I upgrade and have more time on my hands, I will get back to it.

The weather is very un-English, lovely and warm and sunshine.........great.And unfair. Who wants tospend their time writing when it is great wheather....?

Wish I could join in your Georgette Heyer sessions once you go off to the conference.........

That is all for now..........Sister Scarlett


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