Monday, April 14, 2003

Help the giant matzos are out to get me ( and other nightmares..)

Dear Nuns,
Pardon me for not being around for the last many days. In these increasingly holy days I have been avoiding the computer room...and forgot my Blog password. My mind has been confined within the ivory tower - hence I have amnesia when it comes to passwords and other worldly things.

However, the ivory tower has yielded a few gems......among them this...: From Inventing Eastern Europe : Eastern Europe in the Enlightenment Mind, Larry Wolff states how Gibbons in his The Decline and fall of the Roman Empire ( 1770s) 'narrated the dramatic defeat of the Byzantine Emperor Nicephorus in 811, by the Bulgarian khan Krum....'
The Krum family has since moved its battles to the Quidditch pitch I suppose....

This morning on the underground I read a long newspaper article on the previous week in Bagdad and found myself in tears. Not so much for the lost artefacts (though I admit, being an anthropologist nun this is a highly touchy subject and i am prone to utter rather politically incorrect statements such as 'primitives, they should be hung by the their....' etc after reading about such articles), but for all the casualties of bombs, accidental shootings, violence af all kinds. I had an urge to drop everything and head on out there to volunteer ( regardless of the hysterical throes it would put my mother, not to mention Tim, in). But of course, it took no more than a few seconds for me to realise that it was but a fantasy.

Gynocentric religions and pyramid underwear schemes....I have been missing all the action. Spent the weekend with Zuzana who is leaving for Slovakia, swapping intellectual knowledge, taking walks, baking and going to parties. I think we have another candidate for the nunnery, do I have permission to initiate her ?

I think the general idea is that one is upset by the loss of Very Old Things because they mean a loss of 'Heritage' whatever that means. At least that is what most main stream literature on history, heritage, nationalism and material culture tells us. The usual line says we are confused, schizophrenic moderns who lack grounding and therefore preserve and value the past because it is all we feel we have got. I am not sure how far this goes to explain our feelings of loss. In fact I am sure the majority of the population doesn't give a damn whether archeological finds in the Iraqi museums are going to be lost or not ( but they might if it was their local museum...).So do we conclude that academics are simply more schizo than the rest. I leave this open to discussion......

Matzos have taken over Golders Green. Waitrose has suddenly turned into a nightmare, huge piles of plain matzos, chocolate covered matzos, cinnamon matzos looming form every corner, stuffed in the most unlikely places, waiting to jump out at you. Meanwhile they are fighting with every concievable chocolate or candy Easter Egg, piled high on shelves, threatening to collapse on top of you as you wheel past with your shopping cart innocently shopping. Help!! Moshe's, my local kosher supermarket,has become a veritable hot bed of activity....I usually sneak in to get a bag or two of Haribo sweets or some cakes ( because they sell the same sort of cakes my mother makes at home...).Fishing around for my Wolff quote, I found a reciept for a bag of Haribo sweets saying.....MISHENICHAS OUR DOOR MARBIM BESIMCHA FOR YOMTOV BARGINS NOT TO BE MISSED WAIT TILL YOU SEE MOSHE'S PESACH LIST. Can't wait. Maybe i'll get two for one poppy seed cakes...???!!!

Promise to be a better blogger in the future..


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