Monday, April 07, 2003

Hmmm, having just been to Devon and Cornwall and experiencing no saffron laden cakes, I am inclined to agree with the honorable Sister Andrea. I sympathize with the need to expell green streaks.......the convent of 38 Temple Fortune, Golders Green, is currently under seige of its landlord Buphendra(known as 'Pip'), computer consultant and avid DIY man. I have been relegated to going to the local pub for the use of the lavatories and for nourishment, as the kitchen is now a workshop for the cutting of tiles, wood and so on. Thus, I am spending more time in that house of sin than ever before and am fearing, together with my innocent housemates, that I will become a corrupted regular and addicted to fish n' chips..

My trip to Devon was lovely and lazy. The wheather decided to act as if it was July ( bright sunshine and warm), quite mad for the time of year. It was lovely to spend a few days with Tim, who has left this morning for Dublin, leaving me to be an anchoress ( for him). Ah, well, such is life. I must now turn my mind to my work, after a week of hedonistic enjoyement and travelling. The ivory tower looms, but I have to admit, that a stay in it will be pleasurable.

Ah, I hear the books calling me know.....


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