Thursday, April 03, 2003

I wish I had any desire to work on evil MA thesis. I did a bit today, but not nearly enough... anyone who knows anything about the motivations of Margaret Fitzpernel countess of Winchester, d. 1238, is invited to email Not that anyone does (know anything about the countess)... I thought my research topic was obscure last year when it was only Geoffrey of Monmouth and the Historia Regum Britannie [History of the Kings of Britain], but at least that had King Arthur in it so once in a while people read it.

Meanwhile, one might turn up one's nose at Iris for spelling Renaissance Faire without the final "e", but since spelling wasn't standardized until the seventeenth century it really matters not a bit. And, as Iris points out, there is nothing authentic about renfaire ale. They're lots of fun, though. Last time, I went with my family in full garb; quite amusing, especially trying to explain to my mom the difference between "thee" and "thou". ["Thou" is nominative case, while "thee" is objective. It's like the difference between "I" and "me". Now, both "thee" and "thou" are familiar forms; speaking to strangers, one should properly use "you".]

Ok, I'm sounding really pedantic, aren't I? Somebody shut me up. Sorry, the ivory tower academic is loose...


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