Monday, April 28, 2003

My dear fellow Nuns...

The Williamsburg story has given me goose pimples. This is how a country gets saddled with the likes of Bush. Bet he never visited the few book stores scattered around Texas ( bearing in mind, that I have never been in Texas, hence Texas may be book store heaven, but somehow I do not imagine it so...)

The past three days I have been attending a conference called Everyday Socialism - Eastern Europe 1945-65. Terribly interesting - all sorts of people attending - social historians, anthropologists, architecture students, political scientists. Even though the sessions were conducted in English, people busrt into a spontaneous volley of Slavic languages, Hungarian etc during break.....native speakers and anglophiles who had done research and thus learned to speak Czech, Hungarian or whatever. Every time I ventured out of the building I found myself stunned I was actually in London, as I was mentally somewhere completely different.

Anyway, such an environment cannot but produce a little gem for our site : One of the talks was entitled Yhe Memory of Atrocities : Rape, the Red Army and Remembering in Communist and post-Communist Hungary. From this I extract a quote taken from the book The Struggle Behind the Iron Curtain ( Ferenc Nagy, 1949) : 'The barabarism of the Soviet occupying forces can best be judged by the fact that many thousands of Hungarian men were raped or forced to unnatural excesses by Russian woman soldiers. The Reds established a recreation camp near Kecskemet for more than thirty thousand sick and convalescent women members of the Red Army and police forces. From this camp, for instance, the Russian women banded together at night and swooped down on the surrounding hamlets, kidnapping the men and sometimes holding them captive for days. Often these abductions led to the peculiar situation of women and girls hiding, not themselves, but their men in the forests and in haystacks to keep them from the disease-ridden Soviet women troops'. Chuckle.....what amazons.

Otherwise I am working on a paper for my next cenference which has to be done today. So I am off to the library. Take care fellow not work too hard.Mother Superior....can you take som days off in June ? My brother is trying to convince me to fly over to Chicago to visit him and so then we could (finally) see each other again. Not sure I will be going through NY, St. Olga, I'll have to see what is going on. But of cousre, if you can spare the time, maybe a reunion of some sort can be arranged ?


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