Monday, April 14, 2003

Random fact of the day, in keeping with the previous genital theme: Vagina is actually the Latin word for "scabbard". I discovered this while trying to decipher a manuscript fragment from the Vulgate of John 18. Jesus tells Peter, Mitto gladium tuum in vaginam. I thought this was rather unnecessarily violent (or at the very least, unnecessarily phallic!) for Jesus, telling his apostle to stick his sword in the... but apparently not.

I bet this blog will be blocked by most web filters now. We were only talking about scabbards! And Latin vocabulary! Really!

New nuns are good. We like to initiate people into our order. And never let them leave!

The matzos are invading this side of the pond as well. Unlike you, Sister Niki, I actually have to eat the vile substance... what a lovely religion Judaism is. Sometimes we eat greasy fried potato blobs, sometimes we eat the True and Original Chicken Soup, sometimes we eat pulverized cardboard, and sometimes we don't eat at all... By the way, the "Mishenichnas our door marbim besimcha" is an evil, evil pun. The original phrase is "Mishenichnas Adar...", which means something close to "Let's celebrate [the month of] Adar [that's the one with Purim] and rejoice."

I don't know about the "confused schizophrenic moderns" thing. The moderns who lack grounding, in my experience, really don't care about the past. The three of us, being academics or sometime academics on temporary hiatus, are unusual in our love for artifacts. And as far as nationalists valuing the past as a link to previous greatness... most of those nationalists recreate the past in order to imagine the greatness they feel they ought to have had. They're usually wrong about quite a number of the actual historical facts.

I'm not quite sure where that gets us.


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