Monday, April 28, 2003

Thanks for the exceedingly peculiar story, Niki. :-) Good luck with the work and don't go too crazy. I have classes through the full month of June, so it'll be a bit hard to get away as far as the Midwest. We'll have to have long telephone calls while you're on this side of the Atlantic.

Little-known fact of the day:

Griffins blegg. You didn't know that? Well, neither did my palaeography class. We were struggling through a manuscript page of William of Malmesbury (a twelfth-century English historian, contemporary to my old friend Geoffrey of Monmouth) and came to the phrase Griffini bleggent. We were rather confused by this. Griffini means "griffins"; no problem there. The third-person plural Latin verb form bleggent, on the other hand, is, shall we say, fairly uncommon. It turns out that "blegg" is the sound that griffins make. You will now know, whenever you hear faint blegging in the distance, that spring has come and the griffins are flying north again.


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