Wednesday, May 14, 2003

My dear Nunnies,

It is wonderful to hear that you have been expanding your minds together at Kalamazoo 2003 ( tello me, could they not invent at temporary name more befitting to the venue.....Kalamazoo sounds like somewhere the American Association of Clowns would congregating flooding the town with red noses, oversized shoes, polka dotted trousers and balloons.....). Though it seems there were enough red noses, and blushing cheeks from young scholars giving papers on classics they were wholey unfamiliar with.......

Meanwhile, this coincided with my own headache causing attendance of the 29th Nordic Congress of Ethnology and Folklore back on the fair island of Zealand. Here my mind was streched ( and numbed at times, I have to admit), but I did engage in a fair bit of expanding of other peoples mind ( I hope) in presenting a paper. The session contained 5 papers, where of 4 delt more or less with the same discussion of national idenitity and political representation, at a very, very theoretical level. Then I came along an handed out some lace and talked on my project relating it to Slovakia joining the European Union next year (the session was about the relationship between the EU and the nationstate), but completely ignoring their protracted discussions ( to use the polite term) of their different views on Habermas. There were audible thuds as their minds came plummiting down to earth again and I had only too reactions : Half sat there, their eyes glazing over, visibly fighting not to fall asleep, and the other stared at me, seemingly fascinated by the complete mundane and material nature of my studies.

After returning, I had two days to prepare for my upgrading ( from MPhil to PhD status), which I spent wondering around feeling paralysed and wishing it was over. In the end it was fine, after 1 1/2 hours of grilling me we all went for coffee (me and my 3 supervisors) and chatted about collecting and setting up websites for companies to head hunt students, meetings in Denmark and various other bits. Result : I fell free (at last), and I can get on to reading all the books I have not read, getting to see some collections and generally having a life again.

Duties are calling me, so I must run.Will blog on again later. St. Scarlett


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