Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Dear Nuns,

I have posted something for you which is not published......

And now to things more fit for the public eye. Or is it ? One of the defining features of us nuns, is our protracted singleness. Hence the name. Hence Sister Iris' blog. Among other things. No, I am not fishing for dates.Thank you.

My CD walkman has crashed on me today. This is nothing short of a catastrophe for this music junkie. hence i cna't listen to my ear throbbing rock music on the Tube and the busses, but must endure the sounds of the Underground, London traffic and people, people, people....everywhere. I am a music junkie, but part of the reason I listen to music even just walking down the road is because it does, to som extent, drown out the noise of the crowded streets and pavements, the newspaper sellers, people having intimate phone conversations on their mobiles, beggars and those annoying charity workers that stand on every street corner and hassle you to subscribe to giving £5 every month to their charity. Without it to even just dim the sounds of the city, it hits you full in the face, surrounds you like a swirling mass of clouds, jerks you back and forth. In the city, a walkman is a life saver - it cuts you off from the world so that you don't have to deal with so many obstacles and impressions at once.

I can't afford a new disc man. In fact, this is a particularly nice one my x gave me for Valentines. Symbolic it should stop working just as our relationship falls apart. Sweet music no more.....

I am still not fishing for dates.......

Sister Scarlett


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