Sunday, June 22, 2003

My Dear Nuns,

I knew HP would appear on the Blogg. But my HP is YELLOW, glowing orange and red too. What sort of colour is blue for a phoenix ? Oh, don't tell me Amazon sent you a 'grown up cover' version ? I simply think that if you are reading a kids book, then let it look like one.

My HP5 has been standing on my shelf since yesterday morning. I haven't touched it. I spent yesterday finishing off an essay, went shopping for a birthday gift and watching a video, avidly avoiding the HP5. Today I spent the morning making a Pavlova ( meringue nest filled with cream and strawberries) and didn't touch HP5. I am scared of HP5 because once I start reading I won't be able to stop. And once I'm done with it, I'll probably start all over again.

My flatmate Laura is currently in Norwich doing some fieldwork (human geography is her subject). That is, she is supposed to be doing her fieldwork. Instead, she rushed off yesterday morning, got HP5 and phoned in the afternoon saying she had got half way through and had done no work. I think she was secretly hoping that I was furiously reading and then she would have felt better about shirking.

There was a review in the paper this morning. I averted my eyes. I was afraid that this blogg would be full of revealing details. I am relieved.

I think I will finally break down later in the day..................

Sister Fashioner


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