Wednesday, June 04, 2003

My Dear Sister Iris...

I thank you humbly for your coming sooth my currently troubled soul.

I admit, that your discussions of recent publications with rather unbelievable plots ( such as alien abductions of ugly librarians....). The only librarian I know will be abducted by a prince on a white horse one of these days......and that is not unlikely at all.

I myself have had other things on my mind...apart form my recent reinstallment in anchorhood (is that the correct term?) For example, visitng the Slovak Embassy here in London, I was relieved to know, that I did not need to obtain an HIV test to settle in Slovakia for a year.This was in effect, what their website proclaimed. However, being an EU citizen, it was not required. Apparently, we EU citizens are immune to HIV infection...this is new to me.....

Must run, Sister St. Scarlett


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