Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Ralph Fiennes! You shall have to tell us all about it.

In any case, this last weekend, I cannot claim to have seen the Divine. I did successfully stay awake all night Thursday-Friday (erev Shavuot), where forty-some USYers (members of United Synagogue Youth), former USYers, former reluctant USYers like me, international directors of USY (well, only one of those) and miscellaneous Jews sat and discussed holy texts. We did talk about G-d all night, in permutations from the angry wind-deity who destroyed the Tower of Babel to the still, small voice Elijah heard from his cave. I walked outside at five to breathe cool air and listen to the silence, which was probably as close to a mystical experience as I was going to get.

At seven in the morning I did find myself sight-reading a prophetic passage known as the posted by Sister Andrea @ 11:12 AM   0 comments


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