Thursday, June 26, 2003

Sister Iris!!!!!

How could you ? I am shocked and horrified by your bunker blowing tactics. I shudder to think what those poor groundhogs went through in the last moments of their lives. All for some cabbages and beans and silly flowers. What do you think they are...the Viethog.....digging endless tunnels under your garden, plotting in evil ways to devour your precious produce ? You may find it funny, but I have to say I find your methods abhorrent, there must be a more humane way of getting rid of these creatures. Can't you lure them into eating poisonous turnips or something ?! I for one could even squash a fly or spider, let alone blow away a groundhog.

As for HP5. Well, I won't reveal anything, as you seem not to have started yet.I am ambivalent about the book. There are things about it I like a lot, and others that I find very uncomfortable. Maybe because they are so close to real life as many people experience it. I am thinking of the Ministry here.I can't decide what I feel about it. I also found some bits a bit self evident and therefore a bit over stated in the book. What do you think Sister Andrea ?


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