Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I haven't gotten any thesis work done today yet at all. This is because psychotic Manhattanites keep wandering into my apartment looking for their new home. My roommate and I are giving the place up on July 31 (although it's a wrench!) and we decided the best thing was to have everyone come the same day (well, days; people came last week too) so we don't have to sit around here 24/7. We get phone calls every twenty minutes or thereabouts from brokers hoping to display the apartment, and I believe something like eight or nine sets of visitors coming in. One broker on the phone was quite crabby because we never called her back to tell her when we were showing the place, after she called three times, and she can't show it today. I feel no sympathy for her. We here at the Apartment do not have time to call back all gazillion brokers who have intercepted our phone lines lately. Each of us is writing a thesis that supposedly needs to be finished within the month, and frankly, we don't care whether the landlord rents the place or not, as we don't own it. The point remains that every time I think to myself that I should be doing thesis work, either the phone rings or the doorbell buzzes or I expect the phone to ring or the doorbell to buzz. Let's see how long it takes before the next one shows up...


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