Monday, July 14, 2003

In two nights and two days camping in a tent in the woods and riding an inner tube down the Delaware River, I acquired only two mosquito bites. In five hours sitting before my computer and trying to translate Latin in my apartment in Manhattan, I received what seems like a dozen more. This is obviously a Sign. The Sign says, I would be enjoying my summer so much more if it weren't for that pesky homework. It also says that I should not be awake at 2:30 AM, since that appears to be when the mosquitoes are also awake.

Now, of course, we were very careful about trying to keep the tent door zipped and the bugs from entering. I did slip once and allow an insect to crawl in after me. I would not have known, except that it was early evening, the tent was relatively dark and suddenly there was a small yellow blinking light on the corner of my sleeping bag. I removed the firefly from the tent while it was still blinking and I could still find it.

I need a full thesis draft, not necessarily complete but good enough that I would not embarrass myself by passing it on to my professors, on the Wednesday (or Thursday, in a pinch) a week and a half ahead. This means that the blog may not see much of me in the near future. I will certainly reappear to make quick comments, and on the day the thesis finally coheres I will post in sleep-deprived and adrenaline-rushed ecstasy, besides which I will rediscover the use of my cell phone to talk to people and return to the wonders of AIM. Farewell for now, since I still want to finish translating this cursed letter before I reach my bed. Iris, darling, why couldn't your distant relation John Pecham, thirteenth-century archbishop of Canterbury, write in Latin that was vaguely coherent? It's all your fault, I know it is.

(And miles to go before I sleep.
And miles to go before I sleep.)


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