Thursday, July 10, 2003

What about the Grand High Pooh-Bah of Everything Else?

The newest intriguing fact I have discovered in my research, from a fearfully abstruse site on the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers:

"John Zonaras...enjoyed the high office of Grand Drungarius Viglae (Drouggarioj thj Biglhj) and Chief of the Clerks."

I never knew there was such a position as Grand Drungarius Viglae. If I had, it would obviously have been my lifetime ambition to become a Grand Drungarius Viglae. I could vigle happily and respectably in my Grand Drungarius uniform, and sneer down at the Lesser Drungarii who just weren't cool enough to be Grand. Sadly, I suppose I am now too old to begin training in the exotic skills necessary to become a Grand Drungarius Viglae, and my gender is also an almost certain barrier. What a shame.


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