Sunday, August 10, 2003

Hello all. Sorry for the long hiatus. Another one awaits, I am afraid...

Last week has been rather devoid of blogging and other internet surfing because I have been busily moving around my possessions in my family home of Philadelphia. Monday morning I go to California, where I shall be, with my mother, entering paperwork and moving into the new dorm, for a few days. Then I return to Philly briefly, go on family vacation for a week. On Sunday, August 24, I return to California; classes start that Monday. You may not see very much of me in the interim. Sorry.

Niki, thanks for the beautiful analysis of Slovakian culture. I wish I had time to analyze something for the blog. Another week...

Must go now, sadly. Good night. I am alive, even if you don't see me blogging.


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