Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Hello from California!

I have some thoughts on the utter strangeness of the West Coast.

For one thing, what does it mean to have a store named the Krishna Copy Center? Is there some Hindu reincarnation theology involved in the reproduction of papers? It's almost as bad as the Zen Nail and Spa near my last apartment in Manhattan, where, presumably, women live in peace, harmony and voluntary poverty by means of overpriced toxic nail polish chemicals.

I was complaining yesterday to my mother that my four years of high school Spanish were utter wastes of time, when I could have continued taking Latin (a course vetoed by the parental units, who told me Latin was useless for the modern world and that everyone needs Spanish). Of course, as a medievalist, I ended up having to retake the basic Latin grammar courses in college. In any case, within five hours of that complaint, I had a half-hour conversation with a custodian in my new dorm (who now seems to regard me as another hija and promises to help me with whatever she can) and I managed to communicate to the staff of the El Cerrito Target that I was looking for hangers (algunas cosas que cuelguen...).

Needless to say, I apologized to Mom. Spanish appears to be necessary on this coast.


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