Sunday, September 07, 2003

Primal Scream of Frustration

Will this damned and damnable thesis never be done? Need sleep, need food, need sunlight, need to think about someone other than Robert Grosseteste, Archdeacon of Leicester... (and no, John Pecham, Archbishop of Canterbury, is not an acceptable alternative...) need someone to rant at who's awake at this time of day (and don't have an international phone card at the moment, and the dorm store's closed - sorry, Niki and Cheryl, both of whom should be awake...) Truth is, I wasted far too much time over the last few days and I don't have too much left. I have every intention of mailing out the monster on Monday morning, but how to get from here to there escapes me.

Giving up and going to sleep for the moment. If I can find my bed without losing track of the hundreds of papers neatly arrayed upon it.


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