Friday, September 05, 2003

::sings:: I feel the earth move under my feet...

Yes, folks, I do live in California. In fact, I was minding my own business at 6:39 PM, sitting calmly in a chair in front of the computer (and considering adding a blog entry) when the chair decided to rock suddenly (but mildly, and very briefly) back and forth. Of course, having read the useful pamphlet we get on Earthquake Safety, I knew to crawl under the bed. (Of course, the quake ended before I got off the chair.) I hid for about thirty seconds, but nothing was moving and it was pretty boring down there, so I crawled out again.

This was not a major event. The objects on my desk didn't even slide. A few chess pieces in my friend Aurelio's room migrated slightly along the chessboard, but six wine glasses sitting on his bookshelf are still lined up and intact. Nevertheless, I still feel odd sitting down, as if something else might move when I'm not expecting it to...

I like how the US Geological Survey lists Quality as "Excellent". It was an excellent earthquake, dude.

(I think they're talking about the reliability of the scientists' knowledge of the earthquake location, but really...!)

By the way, earthquakes turn out to be quite frequent, at the level of today's jolt. According to this recent list, they happen all over the world, sometimes a dozen a day. In fact, only on August 26, there was a quake of about 3.8 on the Richter scale in ...drumroll, please... New Jersey. In other words, sending me to the West Coast is not that bad of an idea.

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