Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I want to be Naomi Chana.

The Baraita blogger writes,

If I were going to have Harry Potter banned, it would not be for the witchcraft. Or for the questionable ethics of the magical world in general. Or for killing off a character I liked in the last book. Or even for the excessive adverbs. No, I believe that the most offensive thing about the Harry Potter books, far and away, is the way History of Magic is taught at Hogwarts. There's no chance of my being objective about this: not only am I a teacher, but given my professional training there's only one Hogwarts class outside of Muggle Studies that I'd have a prayer of teaching -- and I'd begin by pointing out that European witch burnings mostly took place in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, not the fourteenth, no matter what it says in Chamber of Secrets.

I'm so glad someone other than me noticed the witch burning problem (which, by the way, is mentioned inPrisoner of Azkaban, not Chamber of Secrets). Rowling's treatment of the Middle Ages did make my brain hurt several times...


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