Thursday, January 08, 2004


Apologies for the long hiatus. I've been wandering about the country, visiting long-neglected friends, entering manifold bookstores, fixing still more technical difficulties with the thesis the rumors of whose demise have been greatly exaggerated, cursing my thesis advisor (may she be shut up in an anchoress's cell, may her servants flee due to plague, and may her priest-confessor chide her for inadequate self-flagellation) and writing run-on sentences.

I have begged the honorary sister Erica, in whose Boston abode I now shiver (hey, I could be in California right now...), to share her wisdom with us. She informs me that she possesses no wisdom, and instead enigmatically eats Canadian chocolate. I am sure the truth is contained somewhere in the Canadian chocolate, but if Erica told us, she would be betraying the secret.

On the other hand, says Erica, any secrets contained in any sort of chocolate are unbetrayable. (Her word, not mine. If you figure out what "unbetrayable" means, please inform me.)


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