Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I would like to welcome Elf to the universe of bloggers everywhere. Elf's blog, Apikorsus Today, promises and delivers "Occasionally Heretical Musings on Judaism, the Bible, and Food." She's even got a Heresy of the Week, currently describing the Book of Esther as inspired by the story of Joseph. Shocking.

Another recent discovery is the word-hoard of a blog belonging to Tanya Brolaski, experimental poet. Swimming for Dummies is full of passages that are either extremely elegant dictionary entries or extremely erudite poetry:

misericord or misericorde – ME “pity” from Lat misericordiamisericors, merciful: misere, to feel pity + cors, heart. 1a. modification of monastic rules, as an exemption from fasting. b. The room in a monastery used by monks granted such an exemption. 2. a bracket attached to the underside of a hinged seat in a church stall against which a standing person may lean when the seat is turned up. 3. a narrow dagger used in medieval times to deliver the death stroke to a seriously wounded knight.


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