Monday, February 23, 2004

I have been very, very bad about blogging lately. Please forgive me.

Political issues that have emerged in my hiatus:

The Democrats have completely rearranged themselves.

I was disenchanted with Dean before the end of his campaign, but I still miss the sense of adventure in choosing one's candidate that was available a few months ago. We could have had Dean. We could have had Clark. We can still have Edwards, but I suspect that by the time the primaries actually reach us here it might be too late for him. Nader, of course, has entered the election now, but I have no respect for him whatsoever.


Sitting in the dorm cafeteria the other day, I actually heard the sentence "One of my classmates got married in San Francisco last week." The speaker didn't even have to specify that the classmate and her new spouse were both female - we understood immediately that a marriage in SF last week was a gay marriage. I wish all the just-marrieds the best of luck, and hope and pray Gavin Newsom's move doesn't backfire...

Not a political issue, but worth a comment...

As of right now, my MA thesis seems NOT to be done, despite all sorts of paperwork claiming that it is. Hopefully, all will be completed over the telephone tomorrow. Given the number of false closures this master's degree has included, I am not keeping my hopes too far up.


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