Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I voted... much good did it do us.

I am quite pleased that at the moment I voted, there were still two viable options for Democratic contender against Bush. John Edwards would have made a great candidate, I feel; if nothing else, at least he doesn't support constitutional amendments against gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Frankly, I don't think Kerry really supports constitutional amendments against gay marriage in Massachusetts, though. He's unlucky enough to be from MA in an election year when MA appears at its most liberal, and he needs to center himself as much as he can. Nevertheless, I dislike his intellectual dishonesty.

John Kerry is, however, a better candidate than Bush.


read the words trailing across the theater screen, after a series of artsy-multicultural-tolerant previews that suggested the target audience for The Passion in Berkeley, CA does not actually consist of lost refugees from the Bible Belt. I wonder how many pure intellectuals just at the movie for the critical discourse involved boosted Gibson's weekend financial take? I feel a bit guilty having paid him, actually.

My academic take on the movie has been written; however, for various reasons, I am not going to post it today. You will see it, I promise.


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