Tuesday, May 13, 2003

My K-zoo hangover is finally beginning to lift. No, not alchoholic hangover, academic hangover. I may have sounded grouchy about my visit in the previous post, but in fact, I loved every minute of that conference. I loved the feeling of having a conversation over lunch about literature and history, using complete sentences without the word, 'like' appearing in any of them. I loved hearing other people express their love of learning not just by saying, "I really dig Beowolf," but by reading a paper they had spent hundreds of hours preparing.

For some reason the conference reminds me of a mideival jousting tourney(Andrea will probably shoot me down on this). These students and academics sought to prove their valor(and validity) in a public forum of their peers, which can be as cut throat as being thrown from a horse. This is especially true if you make the kind of mistakes that poor fantasy lit scholar did below. Then again you form friendships and alliances at this kind of conference which could help you in your future scholarly activities, or even in getting a job.

Now that I am home, I miss the hubbub. What do I have to look forward to this week? Weeding Ms. X's condo garden, work, and reading Georgette Heyer. More on her later.


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