Tuesday, June 03, 2003


Ouch! I feel skewered by Andrea's sharp analysis, most of which is unfortunately true, but wait, I can defend myself! Pierce may have written some drivel but I can think of another author Andrea likes who devolved the same way... Mercedes Lackey, anyone? No one can deny that her later Valdemar books were.. not. good. *shudders*

Generic plot summary of later series which will remain unnamed: Good lord(er, Goddess) I've been orphaned by horrible circumstances, and cast out of my surroundings by evil people out to ruin trade and multiculturalism! Wait, here's a handsome dude who not only saves me, but takes me to a band of eco-sensistive good-doers who are uninhibited both socially and sexually. And a gay mage thrown in there for good measure. I can now learn the true meaning of manhood and engage in free love. Life is good. Did I mention the talking animals?

So Pierce wrote crap. She also wrote the DarkAngel trilogy, which is just lovely, so there! :-p

As for boy/girl issues in Science fiction.. I think you're dismissive out of context. I was limiting my comments to fantasy for the sake of of the KISS principle. Could you at least admit that while strong male heroes present qualities that both men and women desire, heroines's characteristics are in most cases closely tied with their physical appearance, and therefore less universal? We don't remember what Hercules wore in his TV series (Very little), but who can't remember Xena's outfit of choice? (I dare you to say you can't bring it to mind at this very moment). Some men admire Xena perhaps, but do they want to be Xena?

I find it interesting that you chose Piers Anthony over McCaffrey. At least McCaffrey's female characters aren't personified by their underwear. Anthony is boy fantasy if there ever was such a thing. He wrote with the infantile teen male in mind. But girls enjoy reading him. Even Piers Anthony can be universally appreciated. Why must McCaffrey, no better a writer than Anthony, but not much worse, be demoted to 'girl' fare? If I ever write a book, I think I'll initialize my first name like J. K. Rowling, so people don't dismiss my work out of hand..

As for Salam, I knew he was the genuine article weeks ago. *Assumes haughty expression* Interesting that Maas was so.. clueless


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