Monday, January 19, 2004

Okay, I think we should pay close attention to what Paul O'Neill said about how the Bush admin. operates. O's weakness is that he tends to tell the unvarnished truth. My Dad heard him speak a few weeks ago in a national meeting on health care quality improvement. O'Neill said, with regard to his relations with the Bush administration, he had learned that telling "the truth will set you free." Which it did rather unceremoniously. (Travels with Bono may have been a contributing factor, since Bush has no taste in music)

I have come to the conclusion that Dubya only listens to Rove, Norquist and (maybe) Cheney, depending on who gets to him first. Condi's nothing but a Pretzel screener, and the rest of them just take orders. Especially Bremmer. What a toady. Why do people continue to make believe that guy administers ANYTHING...


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