Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Lets talk about Jesus

Okay, I am sure you have all noticed that we here at the Interfaith Nunnery don't talk very much about religion in a purely theological sense. We all rather enjoy discussing the sociological and cultural issues of the moment. For us, religion is deeply personal.

Well, its time for a change of pace. A short dialogue on the subject of the new movie by Mel Gibson (you know the one, I don't need to link, do I?) seems like a good idea right now, with all uproar it seems to be creating.

I am as yet unprepared to make any statements, as I need to brush up on my gospels and read more reviews of the movie (I'm sorry, but I really have no interest in watching the multi-hour gore-fest, which is said to have put many film goers in a state of shock from all the violence and blood) but I want to put Sister Andrea on notice, and Sister Niki as well if she has the time.


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