Thursday, April 03, 2003

Ooh that was Snarky..

Speaking of bores, I've noticed that some blog writers like to threaten dogs when their readership doesn't show the proper appreciation for their work. I would just like to say here that no dogs are harmed in the making of this blog.. only Pundits.

As for class choices, Sister Webmistress *grovels accordingly*, modern fantasy literature is about as close as normal people get to the middle ages without resorting to, *gasp,* Ren Fairs. Renaissance Fairs, for the uninitiated, involve more pseudonyms for cheap, high calorie beer and laced up bustiers than a frat party, except the guys attending are way more in touch with their feminine side. Oops, I meant machismo of course, since dressing up in flowing outfits and growing your hair long is negated by the whole armor and long sword-business.

I wish I had something more pertinant to say, but but all my brilliant thoughts flew the coop two days ago. For that, I blame the blog template corruption.


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