Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Welcome back, Sister Scarlett! I am so glad you were able to give a paper on lace in Slovakia and its nationalist overtones. All three of us seem to have a great interest in nationalism, and at least some of us have read chapters from 'Imagined Communities' perhaps too many times. I am now going to make up a calendar for the next few months with will involve placing the GRE down sometime in July.. I really don't think I will get to it before my brother's wedding. When I finish that I will prepare to apply for a masters program at the school of information in both library studies and museum studies. Apparently you can do both. I haven't told my mother this yet, so she continues to carp, making me feel about 18, but if I do tell her, it would be worse.

Good news on the wedding preparations(Not mine, thank god! An Abbess' life for me thankyou;)) : I had my dress refitted and now it looks just lovely, instead of a lump of melted blue moon ice cream on me. Well, more of a light metalic blue meltdown, but you know what I mean. There is actually a website devoted of bad bridesmaid dresses and the like, but I won't bother typing it in, its a one-joke wonder. I also had that little green dress i bought at Chartres fitted so the straps don't fall and it gives me a better figure. I may go back again and get some of my pants fixed so they hold to my waist. See the dangers of doing too many sit-ups?! Its damned expensive. I'm counteracting it by eating large chocolate chip cookies.


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