Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Finished the book.


I was right...

Thank goodness.

I won't get any more specific than that at the moment, since I am unsure if we have all finished the book by now. I will say that I now own the book, the cds, and the Chamber of Secrets DVD too. Let me just say that Jason Isaacs is the best Lucius Malfoy EH-VAR. He's terribly handsome and wicked, a most delightful combination. I feel like he's reprising his role in The Patriot, only with bleached hair. Draco is fabulous of course. I suppose the only disappointment is that I can't get the film representations of the characters out of my head while I'm trying to read the book. My mental images of all the characters are forever changed by the screen adaptation. A big plus on the DVD is the number of additional scenes (quite a few), and cute little interviews with various folks, including Rowling and the screen writer, whose name escapes me. Its terribly artificial of course, but we do get a glimpse of a discussion about the forthcoming Prisoner of Azkaban film adaptation. Now that I've read HP5, I will have to wait for the film to fill HP gap until the next book. *sigh*


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