Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Some interesting stuff for Plame-watchers out there:

Leak Hits Front Page of Time Like An Open Hydrant

"Her career as an undercover operative is over," says former CIA officer Jim Marcinkowski, now a prosecutor in Royal Oak, Mich. He was a classmate of Plame's during the year rookie spies spend at the Farm, the Camp Peary, Va., school where CIA recruits learn how to read code and sneak through checkpoints and memorize secret documents. At the Farm, Plame stood out, he recalls, for being the best shot with an AK-47 in the entire class. "She will no longer be safe traveling overseas," he says. "I liken that to the knee-capping of an athlete."

Ladies, the idea that a woman can loose her job because the President's men don't like what her husband has to say makes me really, really, angry.

Arnold can have Cali-fornia (as he calls it), let them deal with his petty Californications: The important news this week is on the cover of Time. We're talking about a felony that started in Executive Branch.

Makes you wish Rove had just pinched someone's tushy, don't it?


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