Monday, January 19, 2004

Kerry's Hair

Ok, I've wanted to talk about Kerry's hair for a while now, because I feel it is key to his surge in popularity recently. Some one on his crew finally changed his stylist, who finally went at his much talked about mountain o'hair with something stronger than a pair of scissors. They downsized it to such an extent it now resembles real, natural hair, not a large white rock.

I am sure Kerry held on to his hair, because he thinks it looks ethnically Irish, but it turned his head into an upside down pyramid, made his eyes look dark and hollow. It was the anti-Samson effect.

Now it looks like hair. A subtle change really, but enough that his face is no longer overwhelmed by the hoary superstructure. Its almost.. a Clinton haircut.

Clinton had the king of haircuts for politics. First of all, he had a lot of hair which is of course good. Secondly, he really styled it, so it wasn't hard looking(think trent Lott's fake 'do), or big(old fashioned Sharpton) or even small, like Clark's tends to look. It was just icing on that big ol' cake of friendliness.

And so Kerry is becoming more friendly. Have you noticed he has gained votes, like Edwards, by simply not being meanish Deanish or a Union suck up, like poor Gephart. Without that distinctly Northern 'do, he looks more universal, less East Coast. The man is no Kennedy beauty.. he can't win on glamour. But he can win on military credentials and long term senate experience.

So you wonder if I'm pushing for him? Not really, but my father says he won't vote for Edwards, after he found out the man made his money suing obstetricians for "bad babies." And Clark is doing some image working of his own, and I think he looks cute in sweater vests.


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