Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Haiti, oh how the poor do suffer

Speaking of the horrors of grituitous violence, I am once again disappointed by our current government's milk-toast reaction to the looting, murder, and general chaos going on in one of the closest countries to our borders. Haiti, and tiny little half-island with no money and plenty of woe, is really falling apart right now, partly due to the current president of the country, and partly due to the Bush administration's discontinuation of many of the programs instituted by Clinton and Co. to keep the nation solvent.

After making it clear that the humanitarian reasons for going into Iraq far outweighed the now debunked security threats, it seems Bush has no interest in being proactive for the sake of saving lives by parking a ship load of marines on the coast of the country and making it clear that they will intervene. The simple offshore presense of American(or French) troops of some sort could make the difference between long term chaos with many deaths, and a more controlled transition to a different government.


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