Monday, August 23, 2004

The cherry tree in the front yard has lost most of its leaves, so I guess I'm back in business.

Have you ever noticed how annoying it is when people are not the least bit greatful when they receive a prize? A girl came in today with her mother to pick up a prize she won from our weekly summer teen prize drawing. I thought she was just angry with her mother at first, but by then end of having to wait on her hand and foot while she called someone on a cell phone to discuss how lame the prizes were, demanded to find out what a certain store was that we were offering a gift certificate for. I had to find a phone book to look it up, and there was not so much as a thank you when I finally found it.

While the words, "Die, bitch" were hovering in my mind, all I could do was watch her finger through our prizes, swinging her Luis Vuitton bag back and forth while her mother tried ineffectually to convince her to get the dictionary. She finally chose the year subscription to teen people, then asked how it worked. "I'm sure it explains the procedure inside the envelope." I said, trying to get her to leave the back of the room to I could get back to the desk. The girl proceeded to rip open the envelope (for an arduously long time) and said "Oh. Well, what if it doesn't work?"

"Come back and complain?" I offered. I was really tired of this girl, and I felt bad for her mother who was not a native english speaker. Her daughter obviously got whatever she wanted, and walked all over her mother. I wish I could have called her rudeness to her attention, but iit wouldn't have helped if I had become as obnoxious as this girl. I wish I could pull off the snobby librarian better..


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