Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm busy patching in new links that I think are worthy and useful, but bear with the terrible disorder.. I know some of them don't make sense where I put them.

I really just wanted to tell you about a fantastic new read by M.T. Anderson called The Game of Sunken Places. Its a mix of fantasy, science fiction, mystery and nearly terrifying adventure that's good for kids from fourth or fifth grade on up. Anderson introduces lovely plot twists and gives readers a heart pumping, creepy ending, even though everything is okay.

In Storytime news, this week I read a story that is sadly out of print about a little wooly bear that meets other insects on its way along to becoming a tiger moth. It was pretty cute, and I encouraged the kids to make the insect noises with me. The Storylady acted out the story of The Very Lazy Ladybug using plush puppets, and that was a great hit, because she is so adept at making the puppets move in lively funny ways.


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