Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Iris gets political (again)
I can't help myself sometimes. Whining liberals are ruining our chances of becoming politically legitimate again. This is my response to a response to something on Asparagirl's website regarding the rebuilding of Iraq. The guy was doing nothing useful but pointing out what the LA times title articles were for the last month. As if anyone reads that paper.. ;-P

"It certainly matters that lives were lost [referring to the thirteen dead in the town west of Baghdad], but I'm not sure we are in a terribly good position to say that they were lost needlessly, or even thoughtlessly. When you point out what could easily be termed minor losses of life as a reason why the war was a bad idea, it looks and sounds terribly petty. Eight thousand deaths, compared to at least 100.000 deaths and countless tortures during the last decade or two? I was listening to NPR today, and a journalist in Jordan found even the Ba'athist higher ups in hiding are glad that their bosses are dead or being incarcerated.

I live in an area with many Iraqis who fled before and after the gulf war. These people and their families still in Iraq are very, very pleased with the outcome of the war. We may not understand the Iraqi people perfectly, but I believe they know a lot more than you.

Iraq is a diverse place.. we see snapshots in the news, and we won't really see the whole thing for a long time. Everytime I see the headline, "Iraqis are angry," I have to think, which Iraqis are we talking about? Iraq is a bit like the wild west at the moment, and every one wants to be sheriff, including some bandits.

As for Rummy's neocon ideas, quit whining and start doing something useful like supporting the Democratic party hopefuls. That might at least be constructive, and you might earn more respect from your peers. Its easy to complain, and very hard to sound like you have a vision for the Future. Bush has one, and you don't like it. Do you have a better one? Convince us. Most Americans like optimism much more than pessimism, and this is why Bush is winning the people at the moment.

Oh, and a vision for the future doesn't mean going back in time and making the war go away. I personally beleive that liberals have a better chance at restoring peace and prosperity to the middle east because frankly we aren't in bed with the oil industry and our hearts bleed money, unlike the stingy conservatives."

Feel free to dissent, this was some midnight ramblings from an angry bleeding heart.


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