Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Iris Gets Political Again

On the News Hour Today

According to The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Cholera has been found in Basra, and they still haven't fixed the water problems (This was mentioned on the TV version, I am not sure if its discussed in the Online version). This, in the 'good' city of Iraq. Security is okay, but obviously made problematic by the fact that the troops don't know, and have no training in languages of Iraq. Doesn't Rummy see we need a greater number of civil affairs-trained troops out there to do the job right? People on the street are griping for good reason, but sadly it will be six months to a year before those big US companies hire, train and ship people and supplies out to Iraq for the rebuilding effort. I wish that along with all those secret war activities Bush was doing, he had also been setting up secret rebuilding programs too, instead of just making 'plans,' to be put in place later.

Still, after I watched a mass grave of three thousand being unearthed, all of the dead killed after Gulf War I, I think our action in Iraq was long overdue.

Apparently some 40 Texas Democrats are thwarting the redistricting plan that blatantly favors Republicans by fleeing to Oklahoma, thus forcing the vote on the bill to be cancelled. More power to them.

Video footage of Bush talking about Robust tax cuts makes me wonder if he's selling beer . Great Taste, Less Filling! How can anyone not see his version of tax relief is aimed at people who have dividend taxes to pay-- people who are a lot more wealthy than me.


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