Friday, June 06, 2003

Post War Iraq, an American View
We've mentioned Salam Pax so many times in this blog, its nice to have some variety. I found this blog via Instapundit, I readily admit it, but Chief Wiggles is a fascinating read. Chief Wiggles is a citizen soldier who's really thinking about his role in Iraq. Here's a taste of the life he leads:

I returned last night from the cages quite late around 1100pm. I was totally beat, wiped out, totally exhausted from the day's activities. Going out to the cage takes a lot out of me, seeing the depressing state the men are in. We had a nice talk though, informing them that we had decided to write a letter to President Bush to see if we could force a decision out of someone. It is as if we are punishing them for doing exactly what we told them to do. They had read our leaflets, asking them to lay down their arms, to surrender and that we would take care of them. They did as we asked them, then we threw them in to prison, where they have been for the past 72 days.
The Army finally came up with a laundry service here, so we don't have to do it by hand. The army has contracted with a local company to provide the service. I turned mine in a week ago, and then it came up lost or missing. But after a few days, it did finally show up, which was quite a relief. I will try the service again just to confirm that the first loss was just a fluke. That is one thing I won't miss doing, my own laundry by hand in a bucket.

Today we thought would be a good day to play Good Luck Fairies again. I felt the urge, felt the wings sprouting and I thought it would be fun. So we started out by coming up with a large box of apples, ok we stole them, no we procured them, along with a few small bags of ice and took it out to the prisoners, the high-ranking officers. It is worth doing just to see the looks on their face. Of course this is all part of our strategy to win their hearts and minds. We were also able to locate a few bags of pita bread to go with the other stuff.

Good job, Mr. Wiggles, I wish you could do more.


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