Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Danger: What You Read In Sunday Styles May Not Constitute A Trend

According to On the Media (yeah, that one NPR show), the whole idea of Metrosexuals and their hyping on the New York Times' Sunday Styles page was a conspiracy to give writers an excuse to mention gay marriage without boring people to death. That metrosexuals probably don't exist comes as no surprise to me. Looking around my own sphere of society, I see the gay guy I work with beautifully dressed and probably self-manicured (I haven't stared at his hands, but it looks like he irons his shirts), while the known straight guys in the library are considered well dressed if they get to a barber bi-monthly and wear clean trousers.

The fact that gay rights news needs a boost from pretty straight men and bad TV does surprise me.

William Powers, in his column for the Atlantic, writes:

No Pop Culture, No Story. The Supreme Court struck down anti-sodomy laws. Gay marriage became legal in Canada, and some American states might follow suit. Howard Dean, the Democratic candidate to beat, is gay-friendly. George Bush and the Vatican are not. And the Episcopal Church is at war with itself over a gay bishop-elect. But you know what? None of that would amount to squat newswise—a few days each on the front page, max—without a Hollywood angle.

If this is true, then the national deficit needs to directly correlate to the number of movies Mary Kate and Ashley are capable of producing. Perhaps then people might start thinking about bringing it back under control.


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