Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Purely Altruistic Plug

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Baseball: Die, Boston, Die

I'm not usually a baseball fan, but I've found that having a sister-in-law from Chicago, and a brother in New York makes it very difficult not to keep up with the National League and American League Championship Series'. Its actually kind of fun to watch.. especially if I have other things to do at the same time.

Of course this past week the whole debacles with the groundsman and the elderly coach has turned baseball into more like a hockey game on a sand lot: Nothing like a violent, petty outbursts superficially caused by perceived betrayal/human frailty to get my attention. I think both teams behaved poorly during the game and in the following game. Its only Karmic-ally appropriate that Boston lost the game yesterday, and New York lost today. But I think the Sox were in worse karmic shape because of the whole, attacking an old man thing, so I'm rooting for New York. If they go up against the Cubs, I might continue my accidental patronage of the venerable sport.


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