Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Why those of us who are not pundits are not surprised by the results

Kerry and Edwards. Makes sense to me, but why is everyone else acting like the world and flipped over? Dean expecially, did you hear his Iowa scream-a-thon that night? Ick, poor poor taste.

Let me put it this way-- too much organization can kill a good thing.

Grass roots shmass roots, people who don't spend their every moment dreaming the dreams of political upheaval could care less. Same with unions, even people in unions feel rail roaded when their organization tries to ride herd on them.

You have to have the feeling of freedom of choice. Deansters, quick being sore losers and get back to work. The more you whine, the more we don't care.

On to New Hampshire, and may the best candidate win!

(go Clark!)


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