Monday, August 30, 2004

Orientation Begins!

I had a great day. First I went to a boring computer sessions where I figured out exactly how ignorant I was: I've had school email all summer, but I didn't know; I could have gotten my ID card earlier, but I didn't know; I had the right passwords to access everything, but I didn't know. Oops. After feeling slightly embarrassed, I regained my bearings and soon discovered other women who hadn't gotten their IDs, and were trying to figure out where the Student Activities Building was. I told them where it was and we all ended up having lunch together at a little Sushi place called Totoro.

I love Totoro, because its a long and narrow restaurant with very simple detailing and nothing flashy to draw your mind away from your food. The menu is streamlined , and there's a lunch special that changes, depending on the day of the week. I had a huge bowl of Soba, a set of California rolls, shrimp tempura rolls and a salad to start off. The soup had both noodles and delicious breaded and fried vegetables sticking out. Soooo yummy, but I couldn't finish everything so I took a bit to work with me and stuck it in the fridge.

In the afternoon, after a dramatically shortened work day, I went back to the computer lab and learned how to use DreamWeaver, which is very simple and easy to use, but rather expensive, so I thiink I will be stuck doing my website construction on campus (its a school of information, we all have to make websites).


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