Sunday, April 24, 2005

Classes ended last week, hurrah! I also finished a truly wretched take-home exam. I hope I didn't fail.

Due to the three inches of snow outside my window, I am not going to comment on the lovely spring weather, but I will say that working Saturday morning at the library, even after a late night of "school's out" celebration, was very satisfying. I found ghost stories for a girl that wasn't expecting me to understand her interests, helps several little boys find new chapter book series' to read, and working on my new Storytime poster, which hangs on the story room door and advertises the times and dates. This year its a Spring wildlife theme, with three types of wildflowers: hepatica, snake-head fritillary, and spring beauties. I added ants and a ladybug, as well as several butterflies for insect life, and for animals I placed a fat bull frog on a rock, a mouse sniffing around the flowers and a deer drinking from the stream. In the corner by the cattails, I put a nest with a couple of colorful eggs that blend into the their surroundings so you don't see them immediately. I will try to post a picture at some point, or at least a link to one..


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