Monday, June 09, 2003

Subway Rules

I know both of my fellow bloggers use this form of transportation, though for one of you, the proper term is Tube. I have found several entertaining lists of proper behavior underground.

The Basics, By Mr. Kottke.


The Delux By Ms. Catherine. Found via Anil's Dashes, which was found via Buzzmachine. I don't think I need to link that do I? Its kind of like linking Instapundit...

My favorite is Ms. Catherine's rule number sixteen:

16. if it is a crowded train, take off your backpack and place it at your feet. if i subtly nudge your backpack in an attempt to alert you to its existence, do not swing sharply around and look at me accusingly. you stupid [bleep!*], take your big dumb backpack off!
Rule number ten on kissing is also quite good. "your fellow riders are repulsed by your love; have a little respect for their bitter, lonely worldviews, okay?"
Almost gives me an inclination to go make out madly with some random fellow on the platform just to piss her off.

*Making this blog safe for Old people since 2003.


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