Monday, September 01, 2003

Happy Labor Day

How was everyone's holiday weekend? Niki may not have had the good fortune to be in a country celebrating Labor Day (A holiday of very little importance to those of use who labored through it), but she must have some late summer holiday which allows people a last gasp of summer before decending into the school year. It was really not much of a gasp here in Michigan, where it rained almost the entire day through and continues this very moment, drilling a small leak into the kennel room. It was not a hot steamy rain either, like we have had this summer, with lightening and thunder, but a cold autumn rain that made me dread the coming months. I was shivering in my t-shirt and stayed in the entire day, reading and wasting time while mom cooked up ketchup and various canned sauces with the tons of tomatoes we've rescued from the chill. We even had a bit of corn that survived the raccoons, which was very young and tender.

Nothing much else to report, other than an interesting poster that arrived with the NYTimes featuring a rather haggard looking Russell Crowe manning a beautiful ship. Apparently we shall all have a costume drama of oceanic proportions to look forward to this November. Hooray.


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