Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Orientation continues.. Today I registered for classes, and skipped (boring) lectures in the morning and got straight to the info sessions and registration advising. In the morning I began putting together my first felt board story, which I have decided to make from scratch. I am basing the story on "Five Minutes' Peace," by Jill Murphy. It is a very cute picture book about a momma elephant that really needs some peace and quiet away from her kids. Her three little 'phants have other ideas however. So far I have made Momma in her bathrobe and yellow nightgown. I think I will make her shower cap next, and of course the bath tub. I just love this stuff!

Tomorrow I will engage in more orientation activities, enjoying my time on campus before the actual work begins.

This evening I listened to the Wife of Bath's introduction, enjoying her stories of sex and marriage. The woman doing the voice work is just perfect, and after listening to it, I have a better understanding of the lady's views. Of course, I use the term 'lady' very loosely in the this context. ;)


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