Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Why we need more bleeding heart liberals in office.

Monday, May 05, 2003

No, not Glenn, I won't beleive it!

*ROFLMAO* (Yes, I spent too much time amongst the people of the internet while attempting to be an Anthropologist. Sue me.)

Sister Andrea, you need to read this...

I would like to think that Rachel Corrie has nothing to do with the Isreali military's decision to quit bulldozing in the Gaza Strip. I think it had everything to do with the outcome of the Iraqi war, and American pressure on Israel to clean up its act.

Prehistoric girls preferred Pink?

This is rich.. Found it while reading Andrea's wink-link down below.

The weather is cool, yet warm, wet, yet sunny... according to weather underground, its not going to be the worst weekend, but not the best either. Pack a raincoat, and check the site again tomorrow for an update on the weather patterns. As it gets closer to Wednesday, the forecast will become more accurate.

One class complete, one class with a final to take today, one class with a final paper to write next week, thesis not going to be complete until August... the semester is really almost over. Yay. Now, if I can only pass today's final, and find the check I just got so I can deposit it...

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Another beautiful snark from the folks at Slate...

I have no inclination to work. It's 2:15 on Sunday and I haven't done any useful homework yet. Nor do I have interesting random thoughts, except that I am going to that manuscript library on Tuesday to look at Uncle Peckham, and I need to figure out what to pack for Michigan. Mother Superior, how's the weather there? I'm thinking of bringing all business casual, with some of my fun "medieval" tops that don't look too unofficial. It's a conference after all. Then, of course, there's the dance. What does one wear to a medievalists' dance? I suppose I could bring my full Renaissance garb, but would people approve or think I was overdoing it? Ahh, the questions of life.